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Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project Spotlight

26 Aug

Ever since I moved to Oakland I have been excited about this brewery and the beers they conjure up. Well technically there is no brewery, these folks contract brew out of Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport, Massachusetts. Somehow they have a very strong market in the bay area and their beer can be found on tap and in bottles multiple places at any given time. I for one am a big fan of their beers, and everything about them just screams handcrafted deliciousness. I am also in love with their labels and the great way they market their beers. Pretty Things just has that artistic weirdness about them that someone with a beer blog named lurking goat can appreciate. Tonight I am having their flagship beer Jack D’or which is labeled as an American Saison. Its easy drinking with a decent malt backbone and a hoppy American punch. Apparently it has 57 Ibu which is astounding to me as it is very reserved and smooth on the pallet. The hops play with the yeast esters giving complexity to the beer and just making it down right delicious. I haven’t had all their beers though (I guess I have some homework to do) I have had their Barely Wine which is an equally fantastic beer. Grab one, you wont be disappointed.

If you would like anymore information on Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, you can visit their website here.


Washing Yeast Made Easy…

11 Aug

Washing yeast allows you to store it for reuse without having to purchase new yeast. I generally don’t do this mainly because I brew with all sorts of yeast and I never know when I will reuse or go back to that yeast for a new brew and I do not like to use yeast that has been sitting around for a long time. The way I look at it is, if you’re going to put all the effort into home brewing you might as well use fresh ingredients. But it is very nice to do this for platinum strains, bottle dregs, or in this case I’m doing it for some Brett “B” because the vials of brett that are sold in brew stores generally ┬áhave very low cell counts. By saving a good amount of this yeast I will be able to make a much more efficient starter from the get go! This is one of several different ways to wash your yeast:

When you are ready to use this yeast for a new brew, take it out a day or two before and make a starter out of it to increase the cell count and ensure viability. Hope this helps!

Stay thirsty my friends…