New Sour Mash Recipes

19 Oct

Very similar to another sour mash I did before that can be seen here, only difference is I made a larger batch this time around as well as experimented with some different fruit and yeast, oh yes also added a little bit of white wheat this time around in hope for some better head retention and body. Almost forgot to mention the mash schedule, take the 2-row from the recipe above and do your typical Sach rest @ 150F for 50 minutes, mash out @ 170F for 10 minute, then cool mash down to 118F and pitch a handful of raw grains containing the lactobacillus were after. If at all possible purge these mash tuns with Co2 to displace the oxygen and tape the lives shut. Let this go for 36-48 hours I personally let this one go for 40. Once the 40 plus hour mash is complete your ready to brew, I steep the specialty grains @ 155F for 25 minutes then add the word from the sour mash and begin my boil. Thirty minutes is more than enough time to pasteurize that lacto. After boil is complete treat the wort as you would another.

Big Batch: I filled a 6.5 gallon carboy with this wort and then rehydrated and pitched one pack of Safale US-05, after three days or vigorous fermentation was complete I added a 3 pound can of pureed cherries and a 3 pound can of pureed raspberries, a new krausen developed for a couple days and then settled out. I let this sit in primary for 2.5 weeks then racked into a keg and began carb to 3.0 volumes of Co2. As of now it’s still crabbing and the tasting notes are right around the corner.

Small Batch: This is the one I tinkered with, I filled a 3 gallon carboy with wort then added Wyeast Forbidden Fruit and 1.5 pounds of pureed peaches at the same time. After primary fermentation was complete I tasted a sample and was not pleased with the fruit flavor, so I added another 1.5 pounds of peach puree and tasted again about 4 days later, still not satisfied. Something about peaches not tasting right with this style of beer, seems to be too acidic and not in a good way. 36 oz. of smoothie raspberries later I find an okay balance, incredibly tart and fruity. Possibly a bit too much fruit, maybe it will mellow out over the next month or so, not really sure yet. However, the color of this beer alone is enough to make it standout, looks just like Hawaiian Punch. I’m afraid the tasting notes on this one are a little bit farther out.

Gravity: both beers started around the 1.045 mark and finished around the 1.008 mark

Stay thirsty my friends….


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