A quick look at Drake’s Brewery

28 Feb

I grew up in San Diego and have lived there most of my life, but this last may I made the decision to quit my job and make the move to Oakland.  It was a fresh start and I felt like it was as good a time as any to pursue my dream of working in the brewing industry.  Luckily for me, Drake’s, one of the biggest East Bay craft breweries had just put in a new bottling line and needed extra help working it.  From there, I began working my way up and having loads of fun along the way.  I work with a great crew of folks, making some of the best darn beer in the bay area.  I am pleased to say I have recently been training in the brewhouse, which has been keeping me busy.  I figured its time I posted some pictures of our ever changing and expanding brewery, so you all can see what has been keeping too busy to post.  Also if you haven’t had any Drakes beer you should get your hands on some. We make a lot of good West Coast style beers, and we do a very good dry hopped pale ale called simply, 1500.

This is one side of the brewery (the Hotside) we have a small pad over here with some 15bbl fermenters and 3 brand new 120bbl fermenters.  The big conical in the middle is one of the 120’s and the other two 120’s are just to the left of this picture.


. . . . .

A better look at the small pad and the 15bbl tanks.

Small Pad

. . . . .

These are the 120bbl conical tanks, the look kind of small but its just the picture, trust me.

New 120's

. . . . .

You can’t really tell but this is looking into the kettle at 20bbls of boiling wort.

20bbl Boil

. . . . .

This is the view from up top at the mash tun.

View from the brewdeck

. . . . .

This is as you walk to the other side of the brewery where we have most of our tanks and the bottling line.

Cellara with bottling line

. . . . .

This is a better view of the tanks we have over in the Cellar. We have three 80bbl, seven 60bbl, seven 20bbl tanks and various matching brite tanks including the new 120bbl brite.


. . . . .

60’s on the left 20’s on the right, happily fermenting.


. . . . .

Low shot of the 120bbl bright.  Make’s it look big huh?

Now 120 Brite

. . . . .

Quick shot of the bottling line, my old home.

Bottling line

Well that’s all for now. I will post some pictures of the Barrel house and taproom some time soon.  If anyone is thirsty in the Bay area, let me know. I will have some more home brew posts for you folks later, I promise.




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