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Pliny The Younger Is Back!

24 Feb

Got to have the ever so anticipated huge IPA @ 11% from Russian River last Sunday at Tornado on 30th. Pliny the Younger is def a big beer but still undeceivably smooth for its size. It numbs your taste buds with resiny goodness and finishes with a big bitter citrus bang almost like “grapefruit rind”  when tasted side by side with the elder it makes the elder go from a big IPA to almost a standard hoppy pale.

It was a good way to spend a sunday morning with friends and meeting Miguel and friends from Mexicali who drove up that morning from there (btw the chorizo potato burritos were bomb!). The line wrapped clear around the block and unfortunately the keg blew before the line ended, but that’s how it goes.

Would I wait in line for it again? Probably. Although if I could only have the elder or the younger ever again i would have to go with elder for it’s drinkability. However, the younger is a hell of an occasion beer!

Which Pliny are you?

Pliny the Younger





Bine & Vine Bottle Share

31 Jan

Back patio at Tornado. Too many for tasting notes, but one sweet picture!65255_3655854653575_5096623_n

Nut Brown! Tis The Season San Diego Style

16 Dec

I wanna start by saying I can’t take credit for the formulation of this recipe, I just brewed it! I’ve brewed a few recipes randomly found on and this is by far the best and most worth giving an honorable mention to so hats off to fellow home brewer  Lil’ Sparky off the homebrewtalk forum.  I didn’t change the recipe to my brewhouse efficiency, I just ran with it. I brewed this one with my neighbor Jesse for a family wine and foodie get together. They loved it!

This beer pours dark hazel nut with a nice creamy tan head! The aroma is slightly malty and nutty. The taste is very creamy due to the considerable amount of oats used. The maltiness is more pronounced in the nose than taste. The maltiness is well balanced by bitterness with a generous amount of hops for style.

OG: 1.058 & FG: 1.012

I definitely recommend this beer for anyone who wants to brew something brown and tasty. I look forward to brewing it again!

Stay thirsty my friends…..

Lil' Sparky Nut Brown

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 3.10.48 PM

150 BBL Bright Tank!

2 Nov

No! not in my garage… At work, Mission Brewery down here in San Diego next to the ball park in East Village. That’s me doing some some shining. Kick off SD Beer Week right and swing by to check it out!

New Sour Mash Recipes

19 Oct

Very similar to another sour mash I did before that can be seen here, only difference is I made a larger batch this time around as well as experimented with some different fruit and yeast, oh yes also added a little bit of white wheat this time around in hope for some better head retention and body. Almost forgot to mention the mash schedule, take the 2-row from the recipe above and do your typical Sach rest @ 150F for 50 minutes, mash out @ 170F for 10 minute, then cool mash down to 118F and pitch a handful of raw grains containing the lactobacillus were after. If at all possible purge these mash tuns with Co2 to displace the oxygen and tape the lives shut. Let this go for 36-48 hours I personally let this one go for 40. Once the 40 plus hour mash is complete your ready to brew, I steep the specialty grains @ 155F for 25 minutes then add the word from the sour mash and begin my boil. Thirty minutes is more than enough time to pasteurize that lacto. After boil is complete treat the wort as you would another.

Big Batch: I filled a 6.5 gallon carboy with this wort and then rehydrated and pitched one pack of Safale US-05, after three days or vigorous fermentation was complete I added a 3 pound can of pureed cherries and a 3 pound can of pureed raspberries, a new krausen developed for a couple days and then settled out. I let this sit in primary for 2.5 weeks then racked into a keg and began carb to 3.0 volumes of Co2. As of now it’s still crabbing and the tasting notes are right around the corner.

Small Batch: This is the one I tinkered with, I filled a 3 gallon carboy with wort then added Wyeast Forbidden Fruit and 1.5 pounds of pureed peaches at the same time. After primary fermentation was complete I tasted a sample and was not pleased with the fruit flavor, so I added another 1.5 pounds of peach puree and tasted again about 4 days later, still not satisfied. Something about peaches not tasting right with this style of beer, seems to be too acidic and not in a good way. 36 oz. of smoothie raspberries later I find an okay balance, incredibly tart and fruity. Possibly a bit too much fruit, maybe it will mellow out over the next month or so, not really sure yet. However, the color of this beer alone is enough to make it standout, looks just like Hawaiian Punch. I’m afraid the tasting notes on this one are a little bit farther out.

Gravity: both beers started around the 1.045 mark and finished around the 1.008 mark

Stay thirsty my friends….

Smoked Cherrywood Wheat With and Without Fruit

18 Oct

Credit to Alex Flores for this odd brew…Totally Goat style! Brewed 10.5 gallons of this and split into two carboys, this beer fermented out as normal as any other beer in just a few days with a moderate krausen. The original idea was to find a smoked applewood malt, but after not finding the malt and not having the time to personally smoke our own we went with the smoked cherrywood and added some caramelized apples to it to give it that apple touch. Instead of adding the apples themselves we  actually simmered 1.5 pounds of sliced apples in a saucepan with a couple cups of water, little bit of brown sugar, and a pinch or two cinnamon. Once the apples turned opaque and the sauce tasted of tasty goodness we discarded the apples and pitched the sauce.

Note: My brewing software (beer alchemy), didn’t have the smoked cherrywood listed under available malts, so we put it down as US 2-row. The SRM will be slightly darker than shown above, but at 4 L not so significant. As for the apples, we pitched the sauce three days into fermentation right as the krausen was falling and within 5 hours a new krausen developed for the night. The other half of the wort was left as is, to either bottle that way or further experiment with…not really sure yet?  Tasting notes to come on this one!

Few new beers in the mix

17 Oct

Been meaning to post about these beers for some time now, but I’ve been on the lurk. Here’s a pic of the newer experiments I’ve been working on down here in San Diego.

On the left side of the bunch is a wheat beer mashed with smoked cherry wood malt and fermented out with nottingham. The front left version was infused with caramelized apple sauce with a touch of cinnamon and the version in the back left was left alone. The dark red/purple beer in the back right corner is a twist on the kentucky uncommon I posted about a few months back at The intensely red beer is a new sour mash I’m working on with peaches and raspberries, the peaches seem to be a little subdued by the strong raspberries at this point and the yeast for that beer is forbidden fruit by Wyeast, wish I would have stuck with US-05 or nottingham, seems to be lacking something.  I will be posting these recipes individually in the next day, as well as a new kegging method I use to eliminate O2 exposure. Stay tuned and stay thirsty…