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Lurking Goat Raspberry Sour Kits

5 Nov

Lurking Goat sour kits now available at J&M Brewing Supplies in Novato.  We have been working closely with our friends over at J&M to produce a Raspberry Sour Extract kit with them. I will have to say it tastes pretty darn good, and from what I hear has been received  warmly over at J&M by both staff and customers.  We brewed a pilot batch and put it on tap in the store, so if you get a chance go by and check it out.  If you haven’t been to J&M Brewing Supplies before I highly recommend you go check it out.  Joe, Marty and Sean are always eager to talk beer and they have a great selection of specialty grain and yeast among other brewing supplies.

Here are some pictures of the J&M crew along with the new kit.

I will eventually post the recipe up and possibly even offer up the instructions for anyone who isn’t it the bay area and wants to test this one out. Until then this is only available at the J&M store so go check it out, and drink a sour with the J&M crew.


Pilot Brew on the New System

22 Jul

Brewed a 10 gallon batch of Saison yesterday afternoon ( The new setup is almost flawless, just a few kinks with temperature readings I need to work out. Luckily for me nothing serious. Also the new brewhouse efficiency is a whopping 84.9%! compared to the previous upper 60s and low 70s Im used too. All in all it was a solo brew day that only took 4 hours to wrap everything up. I was nervous that cleaning this beast would be a long tedious task, but it actually cleans up very quick and easy. Overall I’m quite impressed with this set up and am still working on a set of detailed plans for those of you who are interested.

LG kicking it old school.

Also I’m very excited about this recipe, I split the 10 gallons into 5 gal of White Labs Saison II yeast and 5 gal of 100% Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois, also from White Labs. 


Brew Sculpture Complete!

12 Jul

It’s been a long work in progress but the goat is ready to brew! With help from my dad and some pointers from Travis I was able to put together the final part of the project. The control panel…This is the part I dreaded the most due to lack of electrical and electronic wiring misc knowledge. Currently I have a Brett B starter going for 2 days now in preparation for a 100% Brett Saison I plan on brewing next weekend! Definitely getting some inspiration and ideas from mad fermentationist. Anyways for now are some photos of the control panel, my dad hard at work, and the LG Team reunited in San Diego!

Stay thirsty my friends…

Brewery Rehab Continues…

19 May

First off I have to give Richard a big thanks for the countless hours of helping me with welding and grinding. We detected several leaks in the gas line, so back to it! After some more work the gas line is now air tight to 60 PSI. This is more than adequate since I will be running a low pressure regulator from the propane tank at only 5 pounds of pressure. I also plan on picking up a half barrell keg tomorrow that I can quench my thirst with then make a kettle out of.  Once I have all three kettles together I will start adding the weldless thermometers and sight gauges. After I start this project I will put together detailed directions for those of you who are interested. Image

Also just received my cam lock equipment in the mail! These fittings are blowing up in popularity in the homebrew world for obvious reasons… they’re cheaper than quick disconnects (stainless steel that is), seem to be way more sanitary, and are incredibly durable. Homebrew shops all over are selling these parts for top dollar and many have ran out of certain parts, so for the best prices and selection buy direct from

For simplicity I will post all the plans and parts upon completion of this beast, that way no one has to follow a paper trail of my posts if they wanna build this.


Stay thirsty, my friends…

Lurking Goat in San Diego Goes to Rehab!

5 May

Thanks to those crafty Aussies and their motivation to make exceptional beers virtually anywhere anytime via the Brew In A Bag (BIAB). With BIAB Lurking Goat was able to make the jump to all grain very easily with a little number crunching and changing typical calculations to meet the style. Now the San Diego Goat is switching it up. I will post plans in the near future, but for now this is what I got.

So far I’ve invested about six hours of welding and grinding and I’m still not finished…Countless hours fetching odd ball gas parts all around town then I finally found Marshall’s Industrial Parts in Miramar (hands down best prices and selection). Wish I would have found this first, would have saved me tons of time and money but that’s how it goes.

The stand will be equipped with a 200 plate counterflow chiller, two march pumps, two automatic solenoid valves, two temperature controllers, two 10 jet burners, and one 23 jet burner. Fed inline by a propane tank and low pressure regulator. Two half barrel kegs converted to hot liquor tank and mash tun, and one 15 gal Blichman  pot as kettle and whirlpool. Plans and way more on the build to come! Stay classy San Francisco, San Diego.