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2 May

Beer!  Who doesn’t like it?  Well you guessed it, Lurking Goat Beers is going to be all about that delicious fizzy alcoholic beverage we all love so dearly.  This site is a collaboration between two different San Diego native homebrewers detailing our brewing and all other beer related goodness. Up until recently we lived close by and were able to brew together very frequently. Due to other forces at work I’ve moved up to the bay area (Oakland to be exact) where I aspire to continue my brewing career. So with that in mind expect a boatload of different content from both San Diego and San Francisco detailing not only our homebrew but the local beer scene, beer reviews, local bars and possibly local food, if we get around to it.  Also if you haven’t guessed by the name we are a little “out there,” different, special, whatever you want to say. The name fits quite well with what we are probably going to bring to the table. We love different beer, Sours, Belgian’s and big beastly stouts so be prepared if you’re not a beer geek to see some very unique beers.

So keep coming back as we will be updating the site continuously with beer goodness.